How to Remove Stubborn stains From Leather Sofa and Tiles

We can bear the stains on moon but not on our leather sofa. A shiny and glossy leather sofa can add elegance to any normal room. But a single stain can ruin the whole look and feel of it very easily. If you get any stain on your leather sofa, try to remove it as soon as possible. Sometimes, insecticide we use to keep our creepy, many-legged friends at a bay finds its way onto the surface of the sofa and leave stubborn stains. And coffee and tea are already famous for making its marks on the leather while spilling.

You need to be very careful while cleaning the leather sofa because this thing of beauty really needs extra attention. In a busy city like Melbourne, leather sofa cleaning must be done regularly to sustain the glamour. Any harsh chemical or direct sunlight can dry and crack the texture. If you already have any stubborn stain on your leather sofa, go through the following points to know the way to get rid of it. 

Removal of Normal Stains: For any regular spot, don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean. You can make a paste of natural ingredients like lime juice and cream of tartar. Mix these two ingredients in equal parts to make a soft paste. Now apply the paste on the spot and leave it for few hours. After the time, apply little more paste and wipe it with clean soft cotton piece. If you have water spot on the leather sofa, then wipe it or blow dry it after moistening the place again.

Removal of Road-salt Stains: Sometimes, unintentional shoe-marks cause stubborn road-salt spots on leather. You need to remove it immediately as it can make scratches on the texture. Mix water and vinegar in equal parts and wipe the surface with clean cotton fabric with that mixture.

Removal of Protein-based Stains: To get rid of protein based stains like food or blood, you need a special mixture. Make a paste of two parts corn-starch and one part of lemon juice and apply on the spot as soon as possible. Then clean the surface with soft cotton after few hours.

Removal of Ink Stains: Ink stains are the most notorious and common type among all. Try to dip a cotton swab on alcohol and gently rub throughout the lines until you can see the difference. After complete removal of the stains, wipe away the excess alcohol with cloth.          

You can also hire the professional sofa cleaner if the stains are too stubborn to go. There are many professional service providers who along with sofa cleaning carry out tedious works like carpet cleaning, window cleaning and tile grout cleaning in Melbourne.

Author: Written by Philip Maxim, professional housekeeper for 15 years in the hospitality industry.

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